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Patientinvolvering på DSKT’s årsmøde

Under DSKTs Årsmøde blev patientens stilling i digitaliseringen af sundhedsvæsenet berørt på flere forskellige måder. Mødet, der havde telemedicinens påvirkning eller rolle i det fremtidig velfærdssamfund som tema, havde selvfølgelig også fokus på de patienter, som gerne skulle have gavn af alverden nye tiltag i sundhedsvæsenet.

Selvom Ivan Pedersen fra National Sundheds-IT blev spurgt, om han ikke havde glemt at tage højde for netop patienterne i sin status over telemedicin i Danmark 2012, havde han slået hovedet på sømmet kort forinden, ved at sige, at ”hvis vi er dygtige, kan vi endda få dem til at kunne lide det” (frit efter hukommelsen).

Udtalelsen faldt efter Ivan Pedersen havde fastslået, at også patienterne skal ændre deres indstilling til behandlingen. Patienterne skal acceptere mere ”prevention, selfcare og selfservice”.

Der er flere årsager til at patienterne – uanset om de vil det eller ej – er nødt til at acceptere ændringer i forholdet mellem patient og sundhedsvæsen. Der kan være økonomiske, strukturelle eller videnskabelige grunde til at ændringer er nødvendige, men nødvendige er de i hvert fald.

Mange telemedicinske løsninger er tænkt til at kunne løse problemer af strukturel art, f.eks med centralisering af speciale – ligesom de ofte har til formål at afhjælpe økonomiske problemer. Telemedicinen og det digitaliserede sundhedsvæsen er altså både en konsekvens af ændringer i velfærdssamfundet, ligesom det i sig selv er med til at ændre sundhedsvæsenet og samfundet.

Disse ændringer har selvfølgelig betydning for patienterne, og der vil være stor forskel på, hvordan forskellige patienter føler omkring den nye situation.
Nogle patienter vil kræve større selvbestemmelse og derved også tvinge lægerne til at ændre deres indstilling til sundhedsvæsenet, behandling og telemedicin.

Som professor Stanton Newmann rigtig nok pointerede, vil andre patienter føle, at de får mindre kontakt med lægen – og dermed en dårligere behandling – i takt med, at de får højere grad af hjemmemonitorering, call centerkontakt eller andre telemedicinske tiltag.
En af de helt store udfordringer i fremtidens telemedicin bliver derfor at forberede patienterne på de nye behandlingsmetoder – og at vurdere hvilke patienter, der ønsker højere grad af involvering, og hvilke der ikke er så begejstret for den nye udvikling.

Identifikationen af de mindre begejstrede patienter skal ske på et mere informeret grundlag end blot at antage, at ældre patienter er mere modvillige end yngre. Der skal tages højde for at patientens tilgang til behandlingen, og sig selv som patient, kan ændre sig - både med tiden, med behandlingen og på grund af personlige forhold.

Når man har afklaret patientens indstilling til behandlingen, er det ikke nødvendigvis muligt at tilbyde forskellige typer af behandling, men man kan tilgå patienten efter patientens ønsker og behov. Det kan skabe et mere trygt sundhedsvæsen, hvor patienternes IT-kundskaber, sociale kompetencer og andre faktorer ikke bliver afgørende for kvaliteten af den behandling de får.


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Penis Enlargement Bible Overview
There are plenty of penis enlargement methods on the market today, and the overwhelming majority of those methods are simply not going to work. Many men have found themselves disappointed with what is available on the market again and again. They have spent money on supplements that will never work.
They have invested countless hours on penis enlargement exercises that will never deliver discernible results. They have gone in for surgery that just wasn’t worth the risk or the expense involved.
The PE Bible is just the thing that these men have been looking for, as any Penis Enlargement Bible review will indicate.
The techniques that creator John Collins outlines in the Penis Enlargement Bible have the advantage of being natural, which is not something that can be said for the majority of penis enlargement techniques.
Some of these side effects are going to be relatively minor, but far too many of them are going to severely affect the value of the product.
Men will typically only experience mild augmentations as a result of these supplements, and many of them won’t get any noticeable results at all. The side effects may give them the only real results that they’ll ever get, and with a cost and benefit balance like that, most men shouldn’t even bother.
Natural methods like the ones outlined in the Penis Enlargement Bible aren’t going to be full of untested chemicals. Men aren’t effectively volunteering for amateur scientific research projects when they purchase the Penis Enlargement Bible and see what it has to offer.
They’re going to be taking advantage of techniques that have more or less always existed. John Collins has managed to group these techniques together ans synthesize everything, but the Penis Enlargement Bible is not full of techniques that may have literally been invented yesterday.
The men who purchase this book are not going to be taking a risk on a method or set of methods that may have unintended consequences.
The natural supplements that they will purchase after reading this book really are natural, and they’re targeted enough to deliver the results that men need.
Penis Enlargement Bible – Real Results
One of the problems with systems that claim to promote penis enlargement is the simple fact that many of them play games with the definition of ‘enlargement.’ Technically, getting one centimeter larger counts as ‘enlargement,’ but a centimeter is not going to suffice for the majority of men in this situation.
Other men may experience gains in terms of girth but not length, which is more of a change in shape as opposed to size. There are plenty of methods that technically work, but don’t work as well as they should and don’t work in the way that customers would want.
The techniques outlined in the Penis Enlargement Bible can actually help men gain a minimum of two inches, and some men will gain as much as four.
It should be noted that two inches can mean the difference between a large penis and an average one, or a small penis and an average one.
Four inches of growth, of course, is always going to make a man well-endowed. The men who use the techniques outlined in the Penis Enlargement Bible will be able to make extensive changes to their bodies in the process.
Penis enlargement that one’s partner doesn’t notice isn’t going to go very far. People shouldn’t have to bring out a measuring tape in order to detect any real results. With the techniques from the Penis Enlargement Bible, a measuring tape will be unnecessary.
Penis Enlargement Bible – Timing
Men who were already well-endowed got that way after years of puberty, or at least months of puberty during a growth spurt. Older men who are trying to increase their size more or less need to do it in the same way.
They’re effectively triggering a new growth spurt, which is certainly possible with the right techniques.
Many people believe that all growth stops after eighteen, which is empirically not the case. People keep on growing well into their twenties, and some people don’t stop until they’re nearly thirty. This process is not magical, and it is not necessarily chronological.
If a person knows the right triggers, it is possible to cause an adult to experience targeted development again. Adults do certainly physically change, although they often change specifically in the form of aging.
With the Penis Enlargement Bible, men can make physical change work for them rather than against them for a change.
It will take around two months for most men to see real results with this program, which is nothing considering the impact that these changes can have on a person physically and psychologically.
Within two months, some men may feel like real men altogether. They will find that their confidence levels will increase, and they will notice a real difference in terms of their sexual performances.
As you can see John Collins has created the ultimate solution for penis enlargement, he is trustworthy and a professional in this field, the program has now sold over 5000 copies, so he must be doing something right.
The Penis Enlargement Bible may change your life.
How To Make Your Dick Bigger
All the time women tell men that size does not matter. They do not care about the size of his penis. This is a downright lie. A small penis will not satisfy a woman in bed. There are ways how to make your peni bigger naturally without surgery. As a man you can learn how to make your dick bigger by following these tips and this advice.
There are certain ways to massage to make your dick bigger. While this solution is only temporary it will stay bigger long enough to have sex. Over time you will notice that your penis will get bigger .When the penis is hard take your hands and message it upward. Do this a couple of dozen time and the penis will be bigger. The penis is a muscle and like every other muscle in the body it gets bigger when it is worked out.
Jelqing is an exercise used by men over many years to try and help improve the size of their penis in both length and girth, this method has been around now for a long time, some people say it works, others say it does not. The idea behind it is, the man strokes and squeezes his penis in order to get the blood flowing whilst at the same time growing the penis.
Jelqing basically is the same motion that a farmer would use to milk his cows, by doing this stretching motion it will increase blood flow, which in tern will send blood to the chambers were they store more blood resulting in a bigger manhood.
Doing these exercises everyday will help you get a bigger dick. There are names for this exercise and it is called the Jelquing or the Jelq. To do this exercise get a towel and put it in some warm water. Hold the towel around your penis along with your balls for around two to three minutes. At this time you will notice that your penis has begun to get erect. Apply a little bit of baby oil in it and make an O shape with your index finger and your thumb.
Penis Enlargement Jelqin Exercise:
Start at the base of the penis and run the O all the way up to the tip. This will force blood into the shaft of the penis and allow it to go right to the head. Do this exercise 100 times within a two minute time period. After doing this for several days you will begin to see improvements in your dick.
When you are erect you can squeeze your dick with your index finger and your thumb. Hold it like this for 30 seconds. Release and repeat. This will not only help your dick get bigger but will increase the girth as well.
When beginning for the first time with this type of exercise less is more, remember this, as we don’t want to cause any injuries at such an early stage, start with gentle repetitions, nice and easy take you’re time patients is the key. When you start Jelqing Exercises for the first time you want to do around 50-80 reps per day, do not over do it.
Try to find a routine that is right for you, and stick to it, measure you’re penis before starting the routine, then measure again in a month to 6 weeks, if you are doing it right you will see a difference.
Right, before you start any exercise please make sure you’re penis is nice and warm, wrap in a warm towel or something, this will increase blood flow and prevent any injury, also make sure you are not erect or this also could cause damage.
Surgery is the worst choice for the reason that it involves going beneath the knife and obviously, taking a massive risk. The process is extremely expensive and you might or might not get the results you require. In case you do, you’ll be on bed rest for no less than monthly and during those 30 days, you will need somebody to help you visit the toilet and in the event the surgery doesn’t go well, you’ll not be able to go to the bathroom without crying out in pain every time. Why can you place yourself under that much stress and almost kill dick size.
Penis Enlargement Extenders
There are extenders to make your dick grow bigger. When the penis is placed under stress it will get bigger. This has been proven to be both quick working and safe to do. The ligaments and the tissues in your dick will break down when they are stretched.
This will allow them to rebuild naturally and allow the penis to grow in length. In many cases you will also notice that your dick has gained some girth as well. This works in a similar manner that other muscles grow. Instead of working the biceps out at the gym you will be working your dick out at home.
The extender will apply constant tension to the penis and will not harm the body. This is one of the best ways on how to make your dick bigger fast.
If you are heavy you can make your penis appear to be bigger by losing weight. Extra weight especially in the stomach area can actually make your dick look smaller. Losing weigh will give her the illusion that your penis has gotten bigger. It will look larger and more prominent. Instead of seeing nothing but stomach when you take your pants off you will be able to see your dick.
While the issue of shaving public hair or keeping it is a personal choice trimming the hair can make your dick look bigger. Even reducing the amount of hair you have will allow more of your dick to be visible. This will give the appearance that your penis has gotten larger. Trimming your public hair will also me things more enjoyable for her when she is giving you oral pleasure.
One way to make your penis look bigger during sex is to hold back your ejaculation. When you feel like you are about to cum think of something else, anything else that will allow you to hold it back. The muscles in your groin will stretch out as well as your penis. This will make it bigger.
When she is happy with the experience then you can release. When you are finished your penis will go back to its normal size but at this point she will be happy until next time. Holding back will also increase your stamina allowing her to feel more pleasure from you and your larger penis.
This is another temporary fix but will help the penis look bigger and will allow it to be larger. The pump will allow you to have sex with a larger penis before it goes back to its regular size. To use a penis pump you insert your dick into the cylinder part of the device.
The air will force a suction like feeling that will allow blood to fill into the base of the penis. This will prevent the blood from returning to the other parts of the body and will allow you to enjoy a larger penis for around 30 minutes.
How To Make Your Dick Bigger With Or Without Pills
I personally would not use penis enlargement pills, I think there are better ways to make your dick bigger without pills. But if you go down this route here is a little information on the subject.
Some of these pills are better then others. Before using any kind of penis enlargement pill or a pill that promises to make your penis bigger find out all the information you can about it. These pills may only last a short period of time. During this time they may cause the penis to swell making it appear to be bigger.
This will allow you enough time to have sex and please your women. Be sure that you follow the direction exactly to make sure you are safely using these pills and be on the lookout for any unpleasant side effects that they may cause.
How To Make Your Dick Bigger No Pills – Eating The Right Foods
Men naturally have self confidence and they get overly confident when they know that they can make any woman satisfied in bed. But there are more men nowadays whose confidence and ego gets easily affected when manliness is the topic. Most men think that lacking the penile size and also being unable to have a hard and strong erection, decrease their manliness and directly affects their confidence.
Men are not really into sweets, but dark chocolate is not that sweet for men. It does not only help in increasing your sex drive, but it can also help in improving blood circulation. To attain your fullest penis enlargement, blood flow is the key to attain the size that you want. It has the natural flavonol. which helps in the increase of blood flow.
This is considered as one of the most essential natural enlargement foods. Just like the dark chocolate, it will also help in increasing your blood circulation. Since blood circulation is important for keeping your penis erected and achieve its length size, you must not forget to include this in your diet.
Blood clogs are the reasons why there are people, especially men who suffer from a decrease in blood circulation. Onions have a phytochemical that helps in preventing the blood from clogging or clotting. Adding onions into almost any dish that you prepare can make your blood flow smoother, which will help you in attaining a better penis size and erection.
You may think that bananas are only used in gags to represent the penis right? But wait until you find out how it can help you with your penis enlargement problems. Bananas can be considered as one of the best natural penis enlargement foods as it helps in keeping your heart in its best condition.This only means that when your heart can pump more blood, better circulation is achieved leading your penis to erect easily.
With these natural penis enlargement foods added into your daily, you are assured that you will experience an improvement with your erections and even enable you to hold longer erections whenever you and your partner get busy in bed.
There are natural exercises that can be done for penis enlargement and doing this along with eating these natural penis enlargement foods will definitely give you the results that you want. Sticking with the natural way is sure to give you more advantages than undergoing surgeries that may later on leave permanent problems with your manhood.
How Biochemical Penis Enlargement Works to Boost Penis Size
Puberty is that terrible amount of time in our own lives when everything shifts, our dispositions irritate us and the worst part in the time is the fact that our bodies seem alien even to us! That’s when a boy’s dick starts growing because the growth hormone kick starts the development of a chain which extends through the body.
Together with the help of biochemical penis enlargement, these nutrients can be produced active once again and therefore, you are able to increase penis size in the correct way. This notion since it makes perfect sense and is the reason behind this method’s success, you really can’t go wrong! It makes sure that you increase penis size with no unneeded anxiety and sleepless nights and keeps the external and internal resources in absolute harmony.
Do I have to Exercise to Boost Penis Size?
Something you need to remember is that you will find individuals out there who assert they have seen exceptional results by using pumps and weights to increase penis size but again, the probabilities are 50-50. Yet, as soon as you are done with all the biochemical penis enlargement treatment, it is possible to carry out exercises that are straightforward, sans pumps and the weights to increase dick size. This will ensure that they stay where they’re supposed to exist and that the said biochemicals remain active. You will be able enough to increase penis size once the degree of nutrients and biochemicals within your body is high enough and it works quickly enough so that you can’t assert on that front!
The top part about biochemical penis enlargement, besides the obvious, is that once you have perfected the technique, there are really no restrictions on how many times you should carry out it to get the results that you wish for and desire. Surveys and studies reveal that guys have now been in a position to add 4 inches but who’s to say you can’t be the one?
You are told and stick to the standard amount of repeats, as long as you do everything, you’ll be able to improve penis size in almost no time!
All the ladies will desire to date you as well as the men will wonder what your secret is. However, they won’t be told by you, will you?
As you opt for natural way’s on how to make your dick bigger, you will feel confident that you will soon achieve a longer and even much thicker penis erection that you never had before.


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